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In The Dark Province, Writing Sample on March 13, 2010 at 2:14 pm

The following is an excerpt from THE DARK PROVINCE: SON OF DUPRIN:

Let me first say that I apologize for nothing—not an action, not even a thought. Not for the caress of an angel’s bare flesh, and not for the deviant touch that transgressed, none of it. I will not off er the slightest notion of an apology for a single breath of life I lived and breathed in the Dark Province.

As I look upon each of your faces, I see those I once loved most; my brothers, my sisters, my countrymen, even my own mother has come. I know what you’ve come for. You’ve come for the truth. Our homeland has been submerged into the crimson bowels of a gruesome civil war. The integrity of our precious culture stands in the shadow of extinction. But what’s worse, it is our hands that threaten it—the very hands that have sought to raise it up like a lamp for the entire world to see, believe, and join us in the pride of our faith.

You’ve come with the hope that the truth will end your suffering.

I must tell you, the truth you seek is not what you’ll find here. That truth, the one you yearn for, the one we’ve been bred to pursue, is a cunning temptress. In her gaze, we are weaker than the feeblest of men. The moment we believe we have her firmly in our arms, she turns to liquid and slips through our fingers.

What I have for you, my brothers, is simply a story. One only a sober mind can receive. One I thank the Almighty Goddess for every single day. It is only by Her amazing grace that I, a man convicted of high treason against the Holy Nation of Duprin, can come before you in the land of the living. Believe me when I tell you my heart breaks
with yours over the bloodshed back home. Despite Duprin’s calls for my public execution, I still love her from the center of my core to the calloused skin on the palms of my hands.

I am not so naïve, however, as to think that all of you have come to hear me speak. No doubt, one or more of you have come to carry out my sentence.

Have mercy on my mother, dear friend, whichever of these gathered you are. While she may well be prepared to witness my end, please, allow her and all who have traveled here to the Dark Province tonight to know what really happened to my sister Marilyn. Because the answers you all seek so desperately in your hearts begin with her.

*     *     *

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My Book the Mail Order Bride

In Reflection, The Dark Province on March 5, 2010 at 12:32 pm

Any moment now, that doorbell will ring and a person in a delivery service uniform will hand me a package. Inside will be a full color, printed copy of THE DARK PROVINCE: SON OF DUPRIN.  It could be today, it could be tomorrow, it could Monday.

In that moment, six years of development, writing, rewriting, editing, proofreading – six years of passion, courage, determination, focus, and defiance against inner demons that constantly told me it could never be – will arrive encapsulated in a 392 page, perfect bound, 5.5 in. x 8.5 in. novel with a glossy full color cover.

Even as I work daily to market my first promotional event, FREE SHIPPING WEEKEND, which will take place online starting Saturday, March 13th at 12:00am EST and continuing through Sunday at midnight, I make sure to find a quiet place to take it all in.

Book releases are frequently compared to births. The writer is the proud parent who labors to bring that baby into the world. However, as I sit in my office, only eight days away from releasing the book on my website, I see it also like a wedding.

Up to this point, my novel has only been read by my transcriber, beta readers, professional evaluators, editors, proofreaders, my wife and me. On March 13th, however, I will take the first orders from the reading public and a new relationship will begin between book and reader.

In this age of electronic media those who have already pledged orders of the new bride span at least 12 states and territories in the United States. The honeymoon will take place in California, Virginia, Michigan, South Carolina, Arizona, Utah, Maryland, New York, Tennessee, Oregon, Illinois, and American Samoa. Of course Daddy won’t be there. Rightly so. This will be a private, intimate moment for the new couple.

I wish the couple well, believe me. I wish them to understand each other, enjoy a trusting closeness, and of course, a lot of love.

Out of the womb and into the wedding chapel, how’s that for growing up fast?